Trail of Tears

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The Dunlap Coke Ovens Trail of Tears original route is on the National Register of Historic Places as the Taylor Detachment camped at the site in 1838. The Historic trail followed the old Hill Road ( one of the first roads to cross the Cumberland Plateau into the Sequatchie Valley) this pristine old wagon road is on the back side of the park near the Amphitheater. Visit the Trail of Tears website. The Historic trail route climbs steeply out from Coke Ovens Amphitheater (Follow the Green T.T. letters marked on the trees) this short section leads to a gravel road (Boulder Drive). The trail beyond the gravel road will be added later for public use, this section along the gravel road is unmarked and currently is situated on private land.  Contact Carson Camp at 423-949-3483 for the exact trail location from this point. Turn around and follow the right hand trail back to the Coke Ovens following the Green painted T.T. trail markers.

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